Faded maps and shiny things.

Hey friends , today we're gonna talk about compatitor.


Say it aloud.Ia membawa maksud: pesaing.Do you have a competitor? I was there. Sometimes we see the competitor looks annoying gile!Betul tak? Haaa.

And now, there is a competitor who tried to catch me. She probably thought she not compete, but to me, she is a big competitor. And she accidentally catch me. She a good woman. Good? haha. Perhaps many will say he did not. Because she is gedik. haha. I mean, == 'tired but I thought, why did he say, "Eh, it was my girlfriend. " Whatthe? He does not know the feeling I was close to him? But he could not understand why he can see exactly?

Who is reading this, no one will understand the true meaning, because I was never told about this to anyone. And maybe there will be a talk "Uh, I know who is meant by " You are wrong. you are really wrong. I only know about this.

and my competitor had tried to compete with me to get him. What? My competitors do not even know who she is my rival laaa. And she was not guilty. innocent! Yes, die innocent!

And maybe I should give up in this competition. He does not belong to me, and he also does not belong to my competitors. But I was jealous when you see him flirt with my competitors. I'm jealous laa. True, no tricks.

Later hari last I jumpa dia, tapi bukan perempuan tu. She can see you everyday! Never mind, I was willing you go dear: ')

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