I’ll let my walls come down.

Hell-o :'(

Wahai rakan-rakan! Hari ini diishtiharkan bahawa saya la The Biggest LOSER!

I feel like the offender, but I just do not dare to answer the challenge.I love you words do not come from the mouth. But from my heart. If you do not have the heart want to say a word, so do not get out. sorry my friend, I was the loser, big loser. I am a coward. so far as challenging as it could not want to do.

but the challenge is concerned with the hearts and feelings. can not kidding. although honestly I do have a little feeling of near Haziq Zainal, a little! please only slightly! and even unintentionally.

sorry friend you just leave earlier. I feel lost. feel like a coward. I am ashamed. shame for not dare. so far as to say i love you at an unknown male nurse. what? I feel afraid and ashamed of you all. sorry.

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