Since I'm not writing for too long, I have so many thing to say. So I think I'm gonna start with little baby PMR!!!

Muka yang kalau orang jumpa, memang tak sangka tahun ni baru nak PMR -..-

So I think the whole world already know that PMR this year is the toughest in the PMR history bla bla bla, Gred PMR turun 50% bla bla bla. 

But life must go on. You can't change what had happened. I know I haven't been studying for PMR that hard. For now, all I can do are tawakal and pray to God I'll achieve the best result, 8A, In Shaa Allah.

For those who are taking PMR next year, don't slack off! You might think you have the whole year, but then when you walk through the corridor and look at the countdown board, you saw there's only 15 days left. Serious talk dude ._.

I've regret for not motivating myself. But In Shaa Allah, I've tried my best and I think I've given my all.

Pray harder. Result's there winking at me.
Much love :*

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