New come-ing :)

Hyeo :)

Akmal Munir XD

AM. Click on that. Yeah. He is my new and latest friend. Latest? Bhaha. Macam edisi buku. :D He is a 12 years old boy that kindly be friend with me. He's sweet actually. Awww~ Apakah? AM ni aku panggil dia adik. And he sweetly accept the "adik".

Guess what? He got his own Mrs Right. Whatthe? Aku sendiri dah menjanda 4 kali. Die boleh bahagia. Haha, akak mencemburui kebahagiaan adik la! What a luckiest girl he'd found? i've no idea.

Hey, he is a clever one ha. He got the 5 'A' successfully la. I'm just about to hug him? Ha? Whatthe? Hey, chillout ! I've no lil bro that I can share story. He maybe? Whatever la friend. He just a cute little boy who can be friends :)

Dik, sory akak tak cakap nak stalk gambar adik!

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