You love to leave me!

Assalamualaikum :)
In the name of Allah , Most Gracious , Most Merciful

Hey peeps, listen up because today I'm gonna tell you all those dirty little secret.

Last night, when I was searching for his name at Google, I saw something. A blog. Okay, The link, I don't know whose. So, I clicked. Like ohmygod! I read one by one of the owner's story. Totally shit ! It making me feel like crying on 1 a.m lah :'(

Wondering who? Oh, SHE, yes. SHE! She is one of my love. Oh, it's obviously not her fault. It's my fault. Being jealous for nonsense reason. How can I not crying when read "itu anak kite lah". Oh, yes, he's yours before. Oh please :(

I'm not crying of how could she wrote those stories. But I'm crying of how happy they are. Why I never get that? Why with her he can do all those thing, but not with me? Now maybe the girl hate him. She always talk to me that she hate him. But I didn't aspect how blithe they are. 

Wondering why I'm using English for this entry? Because it's English week >.<  Oh, probably not. Because when I'm using Malay, my language will be "lancang". So, I can prevent from the "kelancangan" with using English :)

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