this is love :)

Gambar tiada kena mengena dengan post ini :)

Peeps say Love is Blind.Love is Torture.Love is Pain.
But forgive me if im wrong..
For me,when someone fell in love and got dumped,thats what will come out from our mouth.
"He such a Jerk!"
"Hey u fool bloody Ass!"
"Ahaa?Think that i have fall in love with ur monkey face??"
Those words will come out from our mouth when love got change.From nothing to worst.
Am i right?
But for those who fall in love and got been loved very much...they call love as life,soul,and tetttt!
Whats that ?Uh,nothing.Haha.
Just got it if ur understood em.
I do being a lover for many times.
Nah,3 nor 4 times only.And all of those love stories were stupidos!
Until i met this one guy.. Ahaaa..i will keep smiling when im thinking about him <

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