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In the entry before, I've said that I will publish about Ribena Band right? So officially, this is RB :)

What is RB?

RB is not artist lah. It's just a band yang meluangkan masa lapang dengan buat video. Yah, something like that. But, it's better to say. "A band of friendship". 

Our first video, we took at the rooftop of Kluang Mall. Actually, we're just wanna have fun. But is seems cool to put in in youtube. Then, we got some good feedback. Because there's one band called Rumput Band. They are making almost the same as RB. Yah yah, they start first. So, RB lah amcam meniru ni? Boleh lahh.

Our first video was like damn --'  It's cool actually. But when I look at me in the video, I'll think "What the Hell am I doing there?". Okay then, I don't want to put the video here. You can check it on our blog.

You can also check our fan page there *feeling retis masuk ikut jari kelingking ni.

K, say Welcome to RB eberibadi !!! ;D

Much love.

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