I love to annoy people.

Hai Assalamualaikum.

Agak seminggu jugak tak update. Anak tiri habis kau ni kan blog? Ala cian. Trololololoo *HazirahM version.

Okay, there's so many things happens and they are not written here because of my laziness. And seems like I'm too late to publish that I'm the part of Ribena Band. Oh, just a "bullshit" band. Gonna make an entry about it. And hey, RB got a blog and fan page. *Cakap sambil feel sign atas dada abang badan ketak.

Second, on Monday. My sister engagement. Oh, this one I'm gonna tell in other entry. 'Cause it has like thousands photos. Yahh, I'm not going to upload all of them. It's making this blog heavy like me. =='

And about Hari Q Sekolah Tinggi Kluang. Coming soon maybe.

Much love.

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